Danielle Drummond

VP, Social Equity

Danielle Drummond is VP of Social Equity for AWH. Drummond has been a leader in advancing social impact agendas in the education, criminal justice, and community health space for over 15 years. A native Bostonian and Spelman College graduate, she has worked in community engagement and social equity at the state and local level in the public and nonprofit sectors. Her career has allowed her to see how systemic barriers across institutions affect the quality of life for individuals. Most recently she served under Rachael Rollins as Deputy Chief of Community Engagement where she was able to implement Rollins' criminal justice reform agenda; increasing the amount of funding to grassroots community based organizations, forming strategic partnerships, and implementing healing centered programming to supplement a punitive system.

Drummond’s work is centered in the belief that to make real change we have to keep the voices of those communities that have been harmed by systemic oppression at the forefront. She believes in community based solutions, supported by institutions.

Drummond’s commitment to community healing is seen not only in her career but her personal life as well. As the mother of a young son, she understands the importance of positive adults in the lives of youth and has mentored many young women and men. Drummond is a skilled facilitator on topics such as restorative justice, DEI, and positive youth development, she is a reiki practitioner and someone who deeply believes in Bell Hook's idea of the Beloved Community to transform society.