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For a moment. For an experience. For all.

Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWH) is a market leading vertically integrated operator with assets in Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio. We are breaking down the walls to create a unique in-store customer experience where we focus on wellness and inclusivity.

Redefining cannabis retail.

Redefining cannabis retail.

Ascend Wellness is creating cannabis experiences for the collective: from the aficionado in search of premium offerings, the everyday consumer looking for safe, reliable and high quality products to the curious newcomer simply looking for answers.

As the largest privately held multi-state operator in the cannabis industry, it is our avowed mission to redefine the cannabis retail experience. We do this in several key ways:


Showroom Experience

We have designed our stores to reflect a refined and luxurious retail sensibility complete with high-end flourishes, attractive interactive displays, and cannabis flower bars so patients and customers can interact directly with the products.


Digital Experience

Digital touchpoints are integrated into the retail experience across all of our locations, from the tablets in our stores through to online ordering and in-store pick up.

We want to make the shopping experience as personal and frictionless as possible.


Breaking Down Walls

We’re opening up waiting rooms and streamlining security procedures to create the most welcoming check-in experience possible, while remaining in full compliance with local laws and regulations.


Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

Our retail associates don’t stand behind counters; we’re right beside you every step of the way, guiding you through our stores, explaining our products and


Loyalty Programs

A full suite of loyalty programs, text messaging and social media product announcements means our customers are kept abreast of retail happenings.

Let’s bring a curated experience to the masses with a premium product that caters to all, redefining the cannabis industry from the ground up.


- Abner Kurtin, Founder

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Our Values

We don’t take the term “redefining” lightly. From the design of our stores, the training of our associates, the importance we place on consumer education through to our reliance on digital touchpoints, order ahead and in-store pick up, we’re charging ahead with a bold vision of cannabis retailing.


Everyone has one, and we respect it.

Our Customers.

They are our reason why, and our main focus. We’re here to redefine the customer experience within the cannabis industry.


Roots matter. We’re thoughtful when it comes to where we put ours.
Every step of our company’s growth has been taken strategically, keeping our vision at the forefront: Craft a premium product and experience for all those who choose it, with consideration and responsibility to the communities we serve.

Our People.

You won’t find our people anywhere else, and you won’t find another company like ours. Each individual at our company brings their own unique set of experiences, talent, and perspective that allows us to redefine the industry as Ascend Wellness Holdings.
Concentric Circles

Our Impact

Our company would not be here if it weren’t for the communities who support us. We’re here for good, and we’re here to do good. Our locations have been chosen with care, our cannabis is grown with clean, sustainable cultivation, and our focus is on positive experiences for all.



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